Founder - Emily Turner

I was born in 2002 and raised in the beautiful country of Switzerland. Growing up close to nature has always felt like a true blessing to me. Participating in its preservation and protection in my daily life is a truly important matter.

In 2018, whilst finishing my diploma, I decided to dedicate my spare time to study design and company building with hope to one day grow my dream business. I grouped my love for fashion with my drive to help our planet and created Emsea Swimwear. I am now working full time on developping my company.

I currently live between the Maldives and my hometown in Switzerland. This enables me to test out my products and develop my creativity in two very different environments.

My Goals with Emsea

Having grown up a fanatic of anything to do with water, I have over the years collected quite a few swimming costumes. Yet quickly found the diversity in the human appearance and the importance of preserving our environment underestimated by the swimwear industry. It is not easy for women nowadays to find the perfect quality, affordable swimsuit embracing every part of our most unique body features, whilst remaining conscious of our environmental footprint.

This drove me to work on my own brand of swimwear embracing every aspect I would look for in my ideal pieces. I have designed my products in high-quality, body-embracing, eco-friendly materials, to fit as many silhouettes as possible in the most flattering way. Being adjustable from all angles, the swimsuits follow your body throughout your cycle, weight or any kind of figure changes we go through as women.


Size inclusivity : I am presently working on creating designs specifically for larger sizes. We currently only offer sizes up to XL. My aim is to create pieces adapted to larger cup sizes, with more support than our traditional designs. As I have noticed, simply sizing up in our current tops does not offer sufficient support, creating discomfort.

Long sleeves and rash guards : Living in a country like The Maldives has made me realize how practical it can be to have long sleeve swimsuit options for surf, diving or simply swimming in the ocean. They keep your body protected from the sun, keep you warm in colder waters, and keep the body supported through movement.

My little helpers

A big thank you to all my friends and family who have made my journey with Emsea Swimwear unforgettable.

Photography : Natacha, Fabiano, Alessia, Thierry, Samantha

Modeling : Eva, Elitsa, Nora, Sofia, Alessia, Estelle, Ana, Solene, Laura, Sarah, Pauline, Julie, Laeticia, Samantha, Elise

All in between : Sandra, Emilie, Linda.M, Linda.E, Jeremy

...and all Emsea customers !

- Emily xx