Making Our Products Affordable

Fast-fashion has exploded in the last couple of years. And with it, the amplification of our pollution problems. We are aware of it, yet most of us continue buying from the exact shops that are contributing to this damaging practice. A big reason behind this being prices.

In the swimwear industry, many companies are nowadays opting towards sustainability. Unfortunately this often comes with a high price tag which most are not able or willing to pay. This is why I drive to keep prices as low as possible whilst keeping the luxurious quality of my products, the most ethical work conditions and respecting our environment. I have managed to reduce prices by cutting extra expenses : minimising packaging; creating my own website; doing all the designing, marketing, accounting and communication myself; working and storing bikinis at home, asking my friends and family for help with modeling and photography; etc... .

Why are our pieces more expensive than some other brands?

There are multiple reasons behind the price difference between your usual fast fashion brands and the slow fashion, small businesses like Emsea Swimwear. In simple terms, you pay for what you get and unfortunately, higher values often come with higher price tags.

The main factor is the cost of quality and eco-materials (textiles, dyes, hardware, thread...), ethical and meticulous craftsmanship, production, sampling, packaging, building a safe website, importation, shipping, labelling and of course the time invested in all these criterias that reflect our company values.

Final Prices

We have come to an average price of 88USD a set or a one-piece (small variations can occur depending on styles).