Our Production Teams

Aiming to reduce our carbon footprint, our end goal would be to have two production teams in different locations. One in Asia and one in Europe; making it easier and closer to provide for our different selling points. We aim to meet with our teams on regular basis to insure a stable and ethical work environment.

Our Teams And Their Work Ethics

We make sure our teams work in the best conditions and get all the support they need :

  • Made in London

    ♡ All members of the team are paid a highly competitive wage to the standards of their expertise and hard work.

    ♡ Everyone is treated as equal among the team.

    ♡ All spaces are heated or air-conditioned, adapting to the teams comfort.

    ♡ Work space is clean, organized and well adapted to each task.

    ♡ Each member gets regular breaks throughout the day.

  • Made in Indonesia (Bali)

    ♡ All employees earn well above the minimum wage and receive a 13th month salary every year.

    ♡ Every jobholder as well as their spouse and up to 3 children receive free medical insurance.

    ♡ A glass of fresh juice and a hot cooked, healthy meal, along with vitamin C, D, B, and E supplements are available at every lunch break.

    ♡ Overtime is always optional and paid between 1.5 and 3 times the hourly rate depending on the number of hours & days worked. 

    ♡ All work areas are air-conditioned with working facilities similar to any western establishment.

Giving Back

Our team supports a Balinese local charity which aims to help homeless women and children. This organization provides basic necessities, shelter, health care and teaches them to read and write to enable them to eventually enter the educational system.